OMU 2 – The latest Yoruba 2019 drama with Ninolowo Bolanle | Taiwo Hassan

Omu 2 Review: in Omu, Deji’s successful life collapses in his own eyes soon after his return from the UK. This mysterious event is related to someone closer to him than he can imagine.

Omu 2 Comments:

This boy made me cry for the way he made the girl understand that having a baby as a single mother does not stop you from being a blessed woman. I thank you even more if you were pregnant before meeting you.

Human beings will always be human beings, they can never change or be satisfied … You can not please them … Always jump to you because there are no friends to trust.

Look at this movie, Omu 2 Your friend has honored you by always sharing what his son has sent him, but your witchcraft and your ojukokoro will not allow you to be grateful.

Title: OMU 2
Produced and directed by: Soji Eweade Inocente
(Score: Very good – 88%) B))
Quality of this movie: Up: 14

Omu 2 is interesting, captivating and direct. The concept is educational. Fantastic background soundtrack. The quality of this film is very good. The forumites would appreciate this movie. An excellent performance of Jumoke George, Bimbo Akinsanya and Funmi Sonola. Congratulations to the rest of the cast.


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