Download Bilisi – The latest Yoruba 2019 drama with Bimpe Oyebade | Jide Awobona

Download Bilisi was released to the general public on October 13, 2019

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A married man decides to build trust with his wife. So they swear an oath, but strange things begin to happen shortly after this act..


Sister Bimpe, where did you meet your husband’s murderer and do you even fall in love with him … your husband’s blood does not smell like him, does it?
Lots of lessons, especially the owner who wants to perform a ritual because of the sudden wealth of his tenant … waiting for the pain, if not the babalawo who frightened him. Evil itself gains nothing from the evil it has committed, I hope God will forgive him sha … God is merciful …
Iya eleti kan wants to go home … they were, after what she did … go home, let her see, kirikiri na for her kind … she even conformed to a corrupt kirikiri , na die, I guess he would die. Evil deaf person.

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