ATUNSE Review: in ATUNSE, Obafemi is married to a feminist whose defense is total equality between men and women. Her place is certainly not in the kitchen and that made Obafemi the wife of her own house until she was introduced to Omolara in ATUNSE, who showed her how honest a woman should be to treat a man .

ATUNSE Comments:

That’s what always ends when you force the two kids to get married because the parents thought about their happiness.

I do not blame Sandra’s friend at all, because Sandra herself has used her mouth to chat with her husband, she does not want to submit to her husband. Yoruba people said all that was Eni to lori oni row. gbe igba neither won is my ba begs for his correction is not too late, but Femi should not use omolara’s past to judge his present, all I know is that the omolara is going soon be born for him, waiting patiently for the role in ATUNSE.

Wow finally look out, Ronke is such a bad friend, we should pay attention to the kind of friends we have, I pray that he not too late before he realizes his mistakes, 

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