VIP Season 1 Episode 7-8 Review:

VIP Season 1 Episode 7-8 is a story of the Sungwoon department store team working for VIP customers representing 1% of its customers.

One day after receiving an anonymous text message about her husband’s infidelity, Na Jeong-seon begins to suspect that her husband and his colleagues are having an affair. In her quest to discover the truth, she ends up revealing more than one secret that her colleagues hide.

VIP Season 1 Episode 7-8 Casts:
Jang Na-ra as Na Jeong-seon

Wife and colleague of Seong-joon. She comes from a wealthy family and is a graduate of a prestigious university that has achieved high level work in Sungwoon department stores without much difficulty.
Lee Sang-yoon as Seong-joon Park
The team leader of the Sungwoon department store VIP team and Na Jeong-seon’s husband.

Lee Chung-ah like Lee Hyeon-ah
A professional and head of the fashion section of the VIP working group and team ace. He has just returned from his year of work following an old scandal with his boss, responsible for human resources.

VIP Season 1 Episode 7-8 Team

wak Sun-young as Song Mi-na
An active mother of two young children who had lost some promotions due to several maternity leaves while she had been working for six years in the company. Getting a promotion in the VIP workgroup is your goal.
Pyo Ye-jin as On Yoo-ri
She comes from a poor family background and struggles for survival. She gets a job in the VIP working group and becomes the center of office gossip. His hiring makes a difference in the lives of team members.
Shin Jae-ha as My Sang-woo A new

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