Vachanbadh Review:

Vachanbadh revolves around two powerful gangs in Chennai, one led by Chinna (Prakash Raj) and the other by Periyavar (Raghuvaran). Enmity reigns between the two gangs, with frequent clashes when one gang tries to dominate the other. One day, when the Periyavar gang tries to kill Chinna, Sekar (Vikram) saves him. Chinna meets Sekar on other occasions and is impressed by her courage. Chinna thinks Sekar is his likeness because he also has similar characteristics. Sekar reveals that he has followed Chinna since childhood and loves him as a model.

In Vachanbadh, Sekar joins the Chinna gang and, with his help, Chinna dominates Periyavar in the city. Sekar wins Chinna’s trust and they get close to each other. This brings jealousy to one of the Chinna gang men (Shafi) and hates Sekar. Sekar organizes the wedding of Chinna with Padma (Lakshmi Gopalaswamy), knowing that they were in love with each other. Chinna decided not to express her love after becoming a gift, but they are still getting married. Meanwhile, Sekar befriends Shalini (Trisha Krishnan) and the love blossoms between them.

A new police commissioner (Ashish Vidyarthi) is appointed to control violence in the city. His first goals are Chinna and Periyavar. Sekar gives Chinna the courage and asks him not to fear the Commissioner, because he will always be there to protect himself. One day, Sekar and Shalu decide to get married. Shalu’s parents will not agree with this marriage, so Shalu decides to run away with Sekar. Meanwhile, the police department is secretly planning to meet the gangs of Chinna and Periyavar. Shalu asks Sekar to accompany him and lead a peaceful life, and he agrees. Sekar informs Chinna of this decision, which he accepts immediately. Chinna gives Sekar money and blesses him to start a new life. Sekar and Shalu get married and move to a new apartment. However, Chinna misses Sekar a lot and continues to worry, unable to bear his departure. Saamy (Thalaivasal Vijay), a Chinna ally, suggests calling Sekar to make Chinna feel better. Chinna has cold feet at first, but then decides to call Sekar.

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