The Lies Within Season 1 Episode 4 Review:

In The Lies Within Season 1 Episode 4, Jo Tae-Sik (Lee Min-Ki) was an enthusiastic detective, but now wants a different life. He longs for a peaceful and ordinary existence. For this reason, Jo Tae-Sik requests a transfer to a police substation in a small rural town without many residents. Meanwhile, Jo Tae-Sik takes a case related to the death of legislator Kim Seung-Cheol. He died in a car accident, but Jo Tae-Sik believes that the accident is not so obvious. The son-in-law of the legislator disappears.

Kim Seo-Hui (Lee Yoo-Young) is the youngest daughter of the late legislator and her husband is now missing in The Lies Within Season 1 Episode 4. She married her husband for the benefit of their two families, but their relationship was not so good. Kim Seo-Hui becomes legislator to discover the truth about her father’s death and save her missing husband.

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The fascinating and heartbreaking thriller of the third crime of the British author Isaac presents Det. In sp. Will Jackman (after “Under the Ashes”) focuses on the impact of the worst kind of loss: the murder of a child. The discovery of Jo Lamborne’s body, a college student, on a rural road in Leicestershire, ravages his mother, Grace Daniels. In another case, Jackman examines the evidence in Operation Ascott, two unresolved sexual assaults that are similar to Jo’s attack. He and the other members of the homicide and major incident team have little to follow and have no idea who the offender is. Worse, Grace learns a lot about her daughter’s life, which is new to her. While sinking into despair, a long-time friend convinces Grace to conduct an investigation herself, which allows her to discover the secrets of her past and commit another murder. Isaac does an excellent job of increasing tension and fear, as the reader begins to recognize the psychological warfare that develops on every page.

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