The Death of Dick Long Review: The Death of Dick Long is an invitation to misery in Daniel Scheinert’s The Death of Dick Long, a photo of the crime committed in Alabama in which two fools try to escape the consequences of a deeply stupid night. Switching perfectly between mockery and sympathy with his protagonists redneck,  The Death of Dick Long as a solo director of Scheinert will not generate the buzz of his entry into Sundance in 2016, he co-directed with Daniel Kwan, Swiss Army Man . with the characters who, despite all their bad decisions, are more complex than the stereotypes they seem to be.

In The Death of Dick Long, Members of Pink Freud, Michael Abbott Zeke Jr., Andre Hyland and Scheinert’s Earl, embodying the condemned main character, decide to go for grass after a fatal moment. . A stunned montage shows part of the action that follows all night (fireworks and weapons play a role), but vanishes in the face of any incident that leaves horrible wounds to Dick. (Including, as Roy Wood Jr.’s emergency doctor will soon exclaim with a color: “rectal hemorrhage!”)

Zeke and Earl, trying to save Dick’s life without mingling with justice, take him to the hospital parking lot to leave him. Strangely, thinking that they could also prevent Dick from paying attention to the law, his wallet and identity are removed before he runs away. They will soon want to leave their wallet or at least dispose of it appropriately, but cleaning up their damage turns out not to be their forte in The Death of Dick Long

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