Swamy Ra Ra

In Swamy Ra Ra, A golden idol of Vinayaka valued at nearly £ 100 million is stolen by its pujari (Vishvesh) temple in Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple with the help of a security guard. The idol, which actually belongs to the found treasure of the Mandir, is sold to a mysterious person who dies after a car accident has occurred. A child takes the Murti on the floor and presents it to his friend, who presents it to his daughter-in-law. This man sells this idol to a silversmith in Alappuzha of Kerala for $ 6,000. This silversmith sells it to another rich man from Kargaltaka Mangalore for $ 37,000. He sold it to another rich man in Shimoga, Karnataka, for $ 1.90,000. This idol is sold to another rich man in Bellary of Karnataka for £ 0.5 million. The idol is sold to a millionaire in Thiruchanur, Tamil Nadu, for 2 million euros, itself sold to Madurai for 6 million euros, which reaches a trader in Hyderabad for a value of 11 million ₹.

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Swamy Ra Ra changes in four lives: Surya (Nikhil Siddharth), Bhanu (Pooja Ramachandran), Ravi (Sathya) and Swati (Swati Reddy). While Surya, Bhanu and Ravi are pickpockets that steal people, Swati is a journalist whose parents have been to the United States for a short time. Swati buys a yellow Vespa vehicle that is stolen by Surya while being chased by a person while Surya and Ravi steal it. After filing a complaint with the police, Swati finds Surya in his vehicle. After being stopped by Swati, Surya introduces himself as a software engineer who works at HP and bought this vehicle from a third party. Surya and Swati become friends and Surya later presents Bhanu and Ravi to Swati as his colleagues at HP. Meanwhile, Giri (Ravi Varma) will buy the idol from the merchant, on behalf of Durga Prasad (Ravi Babu), a criminal who has the obligation to deliver the idol to a minister to exonerate himself from all his business and get into politics. Giri kills the merchant, takes the idol, goes to Durga’s house and gives him the money he sent. He told her that the merchant was dead and that the idol was lost.

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