We are all blind of what’s hidden to us, no one can never see the future. This script was all about a family of four, Adeshina and his three children. They didn’t know what tomorrow would bring to them, they only live the life to achieve but where’s the achievement? Suspense over suspense, the story was filled up with unbelievable facts. Try and check up, it is a motivational script written by ABIODUN JUBRIL JOYSTAR.

A movie script writer, fine artist and a graphic designer.

Works with digital paintings, drawings and total graphics design work.



As a mechanic, Kayode returned from his work place, he parked his motorcycle at the  compound and dropped down holding a polythene bag, he moved inside directly. He met Yinka on the way, she knelt down and greeted Kayode “Welcome sir”. Kayode replied “Well done my girl, how are you? And your…”, she interrupted “They are inside sir”, she tried collecting the nylon with Kayode but Kayode declined, he later gave it to her and smiled.

Both of them inside the room, they met Shade and Gbade as the kids were playing inside, they both welcomed their father immediately with happiness. Yinka dropped the polythene bag on the table and ready to check it but Kayode shouted at her “Stop it, why?..,I brought it in, I should open it by myself”, Yinka shifted back and Kayode took out two packed cakes from the polythene bag and handed them over to Shade and Gbade. The two were so happy to get it and Yinka asked immediately “What of mine sir?”, Adeshina replied “Nothing for you, I am sorry. I do not have enough cash, moreover they are kids, and you are no longer a kid… Besides,you are a nineteen year old girl,not a baby anymore, or you still consider yourself an infant?”, “Not at all sir”, “Good, so don’t expect anything from me again, at this age you should be bringing something home for us, you understand?”, Yinka looked so sick “Alright sir”.

Kayode smiled and asked Shade “Hey!!! Shade, hope your homework has  been done? And your brother as well?”, Shade replied “Yes, everything is done”, “Okay”. Yinka wasn’t happy still and Kayode noticed, he told her “You shouldn’t be doing this way, you are the first child of this family, actually the mother to these kids. Shade is just a penultimate and about to finish her primary classes, and Gbade the last child of this family is still there at his nursery classes, just five years. They are just too young, that’s why I am used to buying stuffs for them, I don’t like your way of behaving”.

Yinka told him gently “No problem sir”, Kayode sighs “What’s the mumble talk all about? Well it’s all gone, try and get something cooked or there’s food already?”, “Yes, I’ve cooked rice sir”, “Ooh, rice all days, no problem…We have to eat, get us served”.

On a old wooden chair, Adeshina was there thinking about the past, presently he’s filled with white beard and his hair has turned grey already. He stood up and kept thinking “What a life, things has changed a lot but not for good at all. What have I done wrong to Yinka to deserve all these?” With the way I am suffering here, she’s not ready to help me, it doesn’t matter because I still have my life to live. But, I can’t just locate my kids again, Shade Asake my beautiful daughter and also my brave Gbade Akanbi, where are you two? Oh my God”. He then picked a jacket and wear it, he continued “I need a way to unravel this knotty issue and I pray to God to help me out because I know nothing so special to do. Where is my cap? It’s solat time, maybe if I keep praying to God, he would help my situation”, he picked his cap from the old bed and moved out of the room gently.

There was a tipper vehicle going around a site, it was loaded with sand and as it was going, Adeshina was the driver and he drove carefully but suddenly, the tipper’s break failed. The tipper’s movement speed increased, Adeshina got shocked of it. He tried saving himself, he opened the door, he jumped out immediately and he watched the tipper going as it hit a tree and it fell. Suddenly the tipper stopped and Adeshina moved ahead to check it. He found out that the tipper’s burnet has been destroyed, he screamed out loud “Why me oh Lord?!!! An installment vehicle, what is this calamity all about, how can I escape this type of a thing?”

Watch out for episode 2


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