Powerful DADA Preview:

Five-year-old Krishna Mehra, son of the late scientist Rohit Mehra, is undergoing an intelligence test led by a teacher who suspects he has super powers because Krishna answers all questions without problem. Her grandmother Sonia takes young Krishna to an isolated mountain village to hide her unique abilities. Years later, Krishna meets the holiday friends of Priya and Honey, who are then accompanied by the girls’ camping team near their home. Krishna rescues Priya from a hang-gliding accident and falls in love with her when he spends time with her in Powerful DADA.

Back home in Singapore, Priya and Honey are fired by their boss for taking an illegal five-day vacation extension. To keep her jobs, Honey suggests to her boss to do a TV show about Krishna. Conscious of Krishna’s love for her, Priya calls her to join her in Singapore and asks her mother’s permission to marry her. Sonia opposes it, saying that people will want to exploit their skills. He then explains the events of the previous film and states that Rohit was hired by scientist Siddhant Arya to design a computer capable of visualizing the future to prevent wars and help prepare for natural disasters. Later, Rohit discovered that the purpose of the computer was not good, so he destroyed it. Rohit would have died in a laboratory accident that night. Krishna’s mother, Nisha, died of trauma soon after. Krishna promises Sonia that she will never reveal her powers, so she lets him go. In Singapore, during the production of the program, Krishna keeps his word and reveals nothing exceptional about it; Honey and Priya are again fired.

More on Powerful DADA;

Krishna meets circus artist Kristian Li, who is trying to raise money to pay for surgery on his younger sister’s leg. Invite Krishna and Priya to his circus, where a fire breaks out during the performance. Many children remain trapped in the fire. To save the children without revealing their abilities, Krishna puts on a broken black mask and flips the jacket, thus creating the “Krrish” personality. Later, when Kristian sees Krrish fighting against thugs and taking off his mask, he discovers that his friend Krishna is Krrish. While Krrish is offered a reward for his actions, Krishna asks Kristian to assume the identity so that he can pay for his sister’s surgery in Powerful DADA.

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