COLD FEET (2019) – FULL MOVIES is all about Rtd. Colonel Mayowa (Jim Iyke) and his wife Omoye (Joselyn Dumas) go on a getaway to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. When the couple on vacation meet Tare (Enyinna Nwigwe), an old flame Omoye who is also on vacation with his fiance, the old sparks between Omoye and Tare are revived and the situation deteriorates from there.

The plot of COLD FEET (2019) – FULL MOVIES is one that has been used and I assumed that the producers would give a new twist to this cliché plot, especially because the trailer did not give much. As Cold Feet had a very familiar plot, I expected it to give them extra motivation to try to make it run, but the trailer basically told the whole story and I endured the whole movie in waiting for a rebound that never happens. In addition, the conclusion of cold feet was so unrealistic that I found myself laughing in disbelief. I guess it was an attempt to transform the plot, but no, it did not work for me.

In addition, COLD FEET (2019) – FULL MOVIES was such a long announcement for Ibom Resorts that unnecessary scenes were included to expose this luxurious resort. However, I must say that Ibom Resorts had a beautiful backdrop for this movie and was a suitable background. The beauty of the place has improved the aesthetic quality of Cold Feet, which has been extended to a beautiful cinematography and Cold Feet Making Coloring An aesthetic film.

Director: Moisés Inwang

Producer: Moses Inwang and Darlington Anyiam-Osigwe

Featuring : Enyinna Nwigwe, Femi Adebayo, Beverly Naya, Joselyn Dumas and Jim Iyke

Publication date: May 17, 2019 

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