Ado Agbara – 2019 Yoruba Movie 


Ado Agbara pointed about a  king’s deteriorating sickness that made a track  for three eligible young men from kingship lineage to take up themandate of leadership but first, they must search for a powerful guard in a sacred shrine.

Ado Agbara  is a lesson learnt, most especially with that okunu part who have to sell everything to reach his goal. There’s no free meal in free town.

Ado Agbara is a Funny and interesting movie.

The Odunlade’s facial expression can kill and make you laugh all through.

Ado Agbara most interesting part is when odunlade forgot not to bring his phone because he said he only need Google map to search for the ado agbara, which was required for them to take up the mandate of leadership

Starring: Odunlade Adekola | Mr Latin | Okunnu

Release Date: 30the April, 2019

Movie Duration: 1hr 12 mins

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The tenure of movie 🤴 king will be so great with his first command, I hope he remember to go back to the herbalist to wash his face or maybe the side effect of his sacrifice has started now.

wait for the part 2 to see more.


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