Mere Hindustan Ki Kasam Review

Mere Hindustan Ki Kasam Shows how  a flight from Chennai to Delhi, five passengers collect weapons hidden in the toilets and use them to hijack the plane. A motor is damaged during the fight with the pilots, who make an emergency landing at Tirupati airport. Government authorities arrive. The kidnappers demand 100 Crore (about 22,000,000 USD), the release of their imprisoned leader, Yusuf Khan, and a new plane to escape.

National Security Major N. Raveendran (Major N. Raveendra in Telugu) (Nagarjuna) remembers the loss of a valuable companion during the shootings during the capture of Yusuf Khan, and regrets not having killed Khan at that time. He urges the government to authorize a command operation, but officials fear risking the lives of the passengers and not relying on Raveendra’s team. The former becomes frustrated when the government hesitates and it seems that Khan could be released. In the flight, passengers are grouped into groups about their past lives and their religion. One of the terrorists joins Afshana, a girl who returns to Karachi after an operation in the heart. However, his partner warns the terrorist not to attach too much, his main duty being to perform routine tasks, including killing passengers in the end, no matter what happens. Another passenger often irritates the terrorists with bitter questions about his motives, in which he is supported by Jagdeesh, a retired colonel of the army. Time passes and tensions rise until one of the passengers, Praveen (drug addict), tries to escape, but a terrorist knocks him out and warns the authorities to act immediately.

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Nawaz Khan (Bharath Reddy), Ravindra’s colleague, discovers that the missing cleaner who prepared the bath for the flight before his departure was identified by the Tamil Nadu police. Ravi and Nawaz seek the cleaner in the hope of obtaining information on the nature of the weapons left to the kidnappers. After a pursuit at Red Hills, they capture the man, who confesses his involvement in the plot and also provides vague information about the size of the gun he has placed in the toilet. Ravi and Nawaz deduce that it must be a plastic explosive.

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