Mega Reddy New South Indian films dubbed in Hindi 2019 Full Movie | Chiranjeevi, Nagma

Mega Reddy was released on 2 Dec, 2019

Mega Reddy Preview:

Mega Reddy Begins with a scene in which Chiranjeevi arrives in the city in search of a livelihood with his grandmother Manorama. He befriends Brahmanandam and they take him to Soundarya, who rickshaw. One day, while driving passengers in his rickshaw, he had a confrontation with Nagma, who hit him while driving his car aggressively. He sued her in court, but failed because of the influence of Nagma’s wealthy father, Paresh Rawal. After a few scenes, Paresh Rawal forces her daughter to marry Chiranjeevi to develop her political career, as Chiru has many followers in her area. Manorama sees Paresh then reveals his past. His father (also Chiranjeevi) is a good human being and also a village chief. Sent by the reputation he has in town, Paresh Rawal catches his sister and finds that he commits suicide. He also accuses his wife Jayasudha of being illegal. He killed Chiranjeevi in ​​a fight in town and Jayasudha took his responsibilities. She is in prison and all the villagers think she is the real cause of all this. Now the son takes revenge on the villain and opens the truth to the villagers. Nagma also becomes his beloved wife after knowing the works of his parents.

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