Take Point: From complex configuration to absurd end, Kim Byung-woo’s political thriller defies logic and understanding at every step. By avoiding the black glow of so many Korean contemporaries, while imposing a forced dialogue in English in an ill-equipped cast, Take Point does not open new avenues, but rushes into an inconsistent oblivion. Ha Jung-woo, who had previously collaborated with Kim on The Terror Live 2013, plays mercenary captain Ahab (no, really), head of an international crack team, hired by US agent Jennifer Ehle to extract an Au north of the high rank. Korean defector
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On the eve of a fundamental election in the United States and using a missile attack as a cover, Ahab and his team infiltrate an underground bunker north of the border. They discover the king (Sun Wook-hyun), the naughty leader of the country, and his orders change quickly to extract the despot.

This only scratches the surface of Kim’s overloaded room, much of it superfluous for the resulting video-game style. Enemy troops approached and Ahab’s team was eliminated one by one, while many betrayals and crosses forced him to ally with King’s personal physician, Yoon (Lee Sun-kyun), to take over. injured chief. Safe above the ground.

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