Encounter Review: I salute Park Bo Gum for his performance. He expresses himself well in his character. So cute on many occasions, when he expresses how much he is in love and makes me cry more than he cried when he broke at some point. His character here is a pure, willing and very passionate man who puts his love above himself.

I congratulate Song Hye-kyo for acting as a true CEO. She is very good at hiding her expression, even if she is in pain or anger, but she cries / falls apart when she is alone and no one is looking at her.

For others who do not understand Korean culture, search on Google to understand why the families of Jung Woo Suk and Cha Soo Hyun are like that. Korea is not alone in complying with the norm and condemning an elderly woman who goes out with a younger man. In addition, marriage alliances are common in the wealthy circle, with girls and sons having nothing to say once their parents have agreed to marry. In addition, you will be surprised how gossip is the number one parasite in society that even innocent people can destroy without defending themselves.

In this drama, you will discover how a woman whose life was planned for her without the right to protest for the sake of her parents’ ambition (being isolated from others and not having the right to live for herself) find warmth and love of a normal boy who shows it and makes it understand and rediscover it.

You see here an ordinary boy who has the warmth of a family and his friends, a simple but happy life, quite the opposite of the life of the CEO (but has few friends who respect it). You see a young man who is not. Do not worry about what’s around you, but easily worry if the woman he loves is at the center of all the problems.

“The fact that we come from different families can not be a reason for separation, we are all different.
Love is about two different people who are starting to look alike. ”

I recommend you to see this in order to feel and feel their love, their pain and also to sympathize with the difficult situation of the two protagonists with everyone’s objection to their relationship. (Which, incidentally, made me cringe in anger as I watched these scenes.) Hahaha).
This drama teaches us that once we love someone, even if it hurts, we never give up so easily. The more you suffer, the stronger you become. A lover keeps his promise in his heart, whatever happens.

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