Melting Me Softly Season 1 Episode 3 Review: We are looking for something in the world.

Then a family runs to the police station and a mother asks where her is! Where is my son? Hyun-ki is there and says he does not know. The mother faints.

In the director’s office in Melting Me Softly Season 1 Episode 3, the police chief tells Hyun-ki that if anyone is aware of this frozen experience, he will be buried alive! Hyun-ki complains. The PD tells him to do what he says. You did not see Dong-chan, you went alone and Dong-chan did it alone!

Hyun-ki says it makes no sense! But the PD says they are broadcasters, they make the impossible possible! Well! Who is aware of the experience in our company? They start to list people, it’s just like 5. One of them is Ha-young.

Then, the police chief will meet with Ha Young and tell him that everything has disappeared from the project. The scientist is gone and the assistant too. We must cover everything. It’s an order from our boss. We can not do anything. The news presenter at nine o’clock will change. She looks at him hard.

Cut Na-young into the nine Oclock news. She begins to announce the news in Melting Me Softly Season 1 Episode 3. A woman in the background asks how she can become the lead actress. That does not make sense. And look at her, her boyfriend is gone but she keeps doing that. What a cold-blooded woman.

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