Jagga Jasoos Preview: 
In Jagga Jasoos, Bhoopathy (Vijay) is a happy and carefree person, very relaxed in life, as shown when he falls asleep on a train and loses his train station. He goes to Villivakkam in search of Vishwanathan (Nassar), his father’s best friend, Mani (Manivannan). Kattabomman (Vadivelu) is Vishwanathan’s assistant who has been torturing bhoopathy since the day they met. Vishwanathan’s first daughter, Priya (Sneha), first hated the Bhoopathy, and they constantly disagree. When Priya’s aunt (Suhasini Maniratnam) leaves, they fight again and the same old story of revenge unfolds. Soon, however, Priya falls in love with Bhoopathy. When Bhoopathy discovers it, he is reminded of his father’s words that he should not force him to ask for forgiveness from his friend, whatever the circumstances. Although bhoopathy also likes her, Priya controls her emotions and remains silent. He tries to leave but Vishwanathan catches him and is forced to return. Priya receives a call from her friend to attend her wedding. At the insistence of Priya’s younger sister, Vishwanathan sends Bhoopathy with them. There, the boyfriend Sriman (Sriman) drunk him and reveals his feelings about Priya. They become friends soon in Jagga Jasoos.

Then everyone in  Jagga Jasoos goes to the Black World and a photographer (Pandiarajan) he knows photograph takes a picture of Bhoopathy and Priya holding hands. Bhoopathy continues to avoid Priya while remembering his promise to his father, but he can not forget it. Soon, the boyfriend’s family arrives and almost at the same time, Mani arrives. Finally, while preparations for the wedding are solid, the husband’s father (Nizhalgal Ravi) finds the photo and the wedding is suspended. At the station, Bhoopathy tries to convince the boyfriend but to no avail. After some dilemmas of Priya’s mother (Meera Krishnan) and Priya’s aunt, Vishwanathan arrives at the station to see Bhoopathy arguing with his boyfriend’s family and forcing him to leave. Discover the real reasons for the decline of Bhoopathy and finally unite Bhoopathy in Priya.

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