Unthinkable Review: We can certainly be tempted by murderous impulses, like those born of anger. We can question the motivations of the people closest to us, whether by birth or by marriage. What did he / she / he think?

Unthinkable is about families that anathema to some people, and rightly so. Too often, filmmakers rely heavily on warm and nostalgic feelings about families, take it as a fact and allow the abandonment of rushed narratives, full of assumptions, as if everyone had had an experience Similar, or experiences less easy to divide. In general, stereotypes: I love my wonderful family; our family was incredibly dysfunctional; what a family

The truth in Unthinkable is very different. Our feelings about the family can change over the years, in a few days or an instant. Unthinkable collective Crazy Pictures knows and shapes his first feature, The Unthinkable (title in original language: Den blomstertid nu kommer).

By putting the torn roots of a Swedish family on a length that seems much more languid than necessary, The Unthinkable can test the patience of a fan of the genre until the action begins. However, once the action starts and the pace picks up, to finally take a feverish tone, everything seems worth it and, one can argue, absolutely necessary to get the impact deeply felt.

After all, if we have no knowledge or understanding of the characters, they become pins in a bowling alley, knocked over just to come back for our enjoyment.

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