The Lake Vampire Review: in The Lake Vampire, Ernesto looks for the subject of his next book. He thinks he found it in a series of horrible murders and beheadings in the area. The strange thing about them is that the bodies empty their blood before separating the heads. When the pages of Ernesto’s latest book appear under the ashes of the last victim, he contacts retired policeman Jeremias who investigated and caught the Lake Vampire, another mass murderer in the 1970s. 

Before analyzing our concerns about Carl Zitelmann’s first film, an adaptation of a novel by Norberto José Oliver, we want to touch on some of the positive aspects of The Lake Vampire.

More on The Lake Vampire:

It may not be a visually powerful The Lake Vampire, but photographically, there are some good things happening in the film Zitelmann. To the credit of Zitelmann or Oliver, one of them turned vampirism from the mythical world to the real world. Basing the act of drinking blood in the real world, the normal dissociation that a viewer can make of blood drinking in a supernatural vampire movie is harder to do here. There is a particular flashback scene of a “vampire” and his younger student later in the film which is the most disturbing scene in the whole film for his impetuous intimacy.

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