Rampant Review: Few things make me more nervous than those who complain that the zombie genre has become rancid. Just watch recent movies of undead such as Train to Busan, or the upcoming Overlord and Anna and the Apocalypse and see all there is to do with the genre that has not yet been created. The zombies of the seventeenth century Korea with the action of the Lord of the Rings are certainly another idea that I can not believe that took so long to come true.

The film follows Prince Ganglim of Joseon, a former Korean kingdom, who returns home after a long prison sentence abroad to find his home devastated by creatures known as Night Demons. He will have to gather his kingdom to fight the monsters devouring men and a group of treacherous ministers.

Rampant opens the way with a tense and exciting opening scene that presents the naval approach of a pirate ship. The guns fire, the bodies fall into the water like flies and explosions illuminate the sky. After the fight, a group of Joseon soldiers discover boxes loaded with weapons and a not-so-dead crewman who bites one of his own. The transformation is slow, the soldier can speak normally while he is covered with blue veins and he has an insatiable hunger for meat, culminating in an unexpected meal he finds in the bedroom he shares with his wife. woman and her baby.

After a promising start, the zombies take a step back and the film spends much of its time in a secondary plot involving a paranoid king fearing an uprising of his subjects and a new invasion of the Chinese. Minister Plans to Take Control of the Kingdom It’s a complicated way to show that Joseon has his own problems and needs a new rule, but hey, what are the Korean thrillers if they are not complex? ?

That said, you’re here to see people get reduced and rush through waves of zombies, and that’s exactly where Rampant stands out. There are three big pieces in the movie, which look directly at the Lord of the Rings. There is a beautiful cinematography in play, with aerial shots showing the sea of ​​demons flooding the walls of the royal palace and a preference for quick cuts over the unstable room that allows you to easily follow the epic action.

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