Rabid Review: It has been said that the best films to be redone are bad: the reasoning is that they could actually benefit from a new eye. In a year that has given us a lot of sequels, remakes and reboots disappointing, here is Rabid. More than a new version of a new version, the Soska Sisters are presenting us with a fun, violent and bloody film that not only brings Cronenberg’s original to modern times, but even improves it.

Rose (Laura Vandervoort) is a fashion designer, but in such a competitive business, she discovers that she is a more reserved and reserved person both in appearance and in action compared to her colleagues. Her boss in rabid never pays attention to her creations, the other women at work complain, and while she goes to a work party, the gorilla takes her time searching for her name in the guest list and indicates that for all Other women are lining up to enter. . After leaving the party, Rose suffers a serious accident resulting in terrible injuries to the abdomen and face, forcing doctors to sew their mouths.

From the beginning in rabid, the Soska sisters want to make sure you know it will not be a new version of shot by shot, but rather a movie inspired by the original Cronenberg. On the one hand, bodily horror is based much more on the medical element and on the consequences of Rose’s accident; For example, his inability to eat solids, coupled with a fantastic sound design, creates a scary scene that will make you think twice before drinking smoothies. The film also spends more time exploring the consequences of the accident on Rose’s personal life and her own psyche using her remarkable wounds to project her own image.

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