Ladyworld (2019) Review: Eight teenagers are trapped in a mansion after the earthquake in Amanda Kramer’s surreal psychological thriller.

There is a risk inherent in ladyworld that take place in a highly claustrophobic environment. Unless you are fully involved in the process, the audience can become as agitated and trapped as the numbers on the screen. This is certainly what happens with Amanda Kramer’s low-budget stylized drama that offers a riff for women in Lord on the Flies. Representing the rapid descent into the emotional anarchy experienced by eight teenagers stranded in a hotel after an earthquake, Ladyworld (2019) demonstrates both an endurance test for the spectators and the main characters.

Clearly designed to disorient both narrative and sensory, ladyworld (2019) begins with a black screen accompanied by loud noises and cries of girls. The following story takes place during an elaborate birthday party, when participants find themselves trapped after what may have been a natural event that left the house on the ground.

In deciding what to do, the girls in ladyworld (2019) decide they need a leader, which gives rise to a vote that determines the appointment of Olivia (Ariela Barer). She reluctantly agrees, although the decision does not suit Piper (Annalise Basso), who clearly wants the role.

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