Badland Review: 

The Screenwriter and director of Badland Justin Lee scores a new notch in his six-shot game, or at least a credit on his IMDb page, with “Badland”, his third independent western (after the direct titles of the video “Any Bullet Will Do “). and “A Reckoning”) which will be launched in the last two years. This time, Lee is working on a budget that produces more refined production values ​​and more familiar faces in secondary distribution, which can help him attract audiences beyond the chronically neglected demographics of Western fans who are not so critical, they often have to settle for less (sometimes, much less) when they review new versions of DVD / Blu-ray in stores like Best Buy and Wal-Mart

Better yet, ,Badland which will be released in theaters in 11 markets on November 1, along with the on-demand release and in digital HD, is, on its own terms, a solid work of design that, despite its pace slow, manages to infuse a respectable amount of fresh vigor into the clichés and conventions common to shoot-em-ups established during the post-civil war era. And although the case of the description of “Badland” as a revisionist would be exaggerated, he deserves the respect of being a Westerner in which good guys really have to pause and reload, repeatedly, during prolonged shootings.

Kevin Makey, Lee’s diligent collaborator, convincingly lives in the lead role of Matthias William Breecher, a man of few words and many bullets. With her deep voice, her fearful look and her confident physique, Makey really does not have to do much to establish her bad-faith badass while portraying a Pinkerton policeman hired by a senator-turned-slave (Tony Todd) to locate war criminals who fought for Confederation. In fact, in most of “Badland”, Lee positions the actor as an unpretentious presenter in scenes otherwise dominated by well-chosen actors whose colorful dialogues are dotted with lines that sometimes extend into mini-monologues .

The story of  Badland is divided into chapter breaks, with a prologue that draws attention and presents the dual purpose of presenting Breecher as an extremely effective male hunter and exposing singer / actress Trace Adkins as a former grandiloquent general who, as it was If you wait, I would prefer not to be hanged. His misdeeds in time of war.

Adkins hangs out, gestures and, in general, treats his cameo with an unscrupulous brio, which is almost a disappointment when Breecher summarily sends the general (with some failures) before the title of the film appears on the screen. screen.

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