The Gangster the cop the devil Review: Ma Dong-seok, also known as Don Lee, is set to become the next big international Hollywood hit. He is already one of the most popular actors in South Korea and enjoys a good reputation as a world cinephile through important roles in Korean hits such as The Good, The Bad and the Weird and Train to Busan. , but with a role of MCU in The Eternals The horizon is about to reach a wider audience than ever before. And then there’s the gangster, the cop, the devil.

The production company Sylvester Stallone has already won the South Korean thriller 2019 for a new English version, which will see the actor resume his role as a crime leader who joins a police officer to defeat a serial killer. My cheek Jang Dong-soo, the titular gangster, whose criminal reign is threatened when he is attacked at random by a serial killer named Z (Kim Sung-kyu). Determined to prove once again his status as the best criminal clandestine dog, Jang joins the only policeman in the city to believe that there is a serial killer on the run, an ambitious and angry young officer named Tae-suk (Kim Moon). yul).

Directed by Lee Won-Tae (The Magician), The Gangster The Cop The Devil is an elegant and appealing piece of cinema, leaving behind monotonous and greyish urban landscapes that dominate too many modern thrillers in favor of a black neon . through the rich tradition of Korean thrillers. Driven by the global success of contemporary visionaries such as Park Chan-wook, Kim Jee-woon and Bong Joon-ho, South Korea has become home to what they are almost universally recognized as the best thrillers of the 21st century. That puts The Gangster the cop the devil on the field with impossible competition, and although he does not live up to the first positions of his peers, it’s still an exciting and sandy journey with ornaments of spiritual and sometimes disturbing images. At an important moment, we meet Jang by a concise act of violence that lets you know immediately who this guy is, why you should be afraid of him and why you would like him anyway.

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