The episode “Power season 6” last week was a tour de force, a story that finally grew with the shocking death of a loved one of many viewers Holly. Sure, we’re still recovering, but our biggest surprise on Sunday night was seeing exactly how fast the program itself decided to move forward instead of focusing on that.

In the Power season 6 film, Holly’s death was kind of a shocking last-minute idea in the Sunday episode, mainly because of the way we made Jamie and Tommy to organize a massive cover-up so they could break the wolves and kill him. once for all. . Tasha covered her husband (about to be ex?) While she was at a hotel and even sent text messages to Angela on her behalf. Perhaps their mission was the one they had to do now to distress Holly later. For us, it’s really the only thing that makes sense.

Turning now to what surprised us most in Power season 6: the way Tommy and Ghost felt almost like the criminal version of Keystone police in the way they were treating Lobos, arguing about a potential position tracker to the point The prisoner finally made a effort to escape. He even did it temporarily, but it was short-lived and James finally put a bullet in his heart. Lobos’s time was over, but he told Ghost the best when he reminded him that at some point in his life he might be in the same position with a gun pointed at him.

The more we saw during the episode, the more we realized that Lobos could have been right. Ghost did not realize that a traitor was right under his nose in Dean, who used his professional association with him to gather information and make it his own tool. Express that he has his own affiliates and even a different accent; however, he does not seem to worry about Vladimir leaving.

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