Haunt  story is really going on Halloween. Yes, it sounds like the wet dream of most horror fans. And rightly so, because Haunt is delicious!

While this new horror movie was directed by the duo who designed the story of A Quiet Place (more about them later), it was also produced by Eli Roth. Most horror fans will know that Eli Roth is one of the most active horror filmmakers of the moment.

The result of the previous combination is a movie that is easily one of the best movies of the haunted house. Damn, it could even be my favorite!

Extreme haunted house on Halloween
Using “the plot of a visit to a haunted house at Halloween goes bad” is not new. However, the way it works in Haunt makes it relevant and also much better than most previous movies.

Of course, we had Hell Fest last year, which was another good horror movie featuring a haunted house attraction. But still, Haunt is a horror movie much darker than Hell Fest. Many ways!

On the other hand, once the characters in this movie enter the attraction of the haunted house, they will not leave easily. In fact, most of them will not come out alive. I know, I know, I said it would be free of spoilers, but Haunt’s plot is literally “The night becomes murderous”, so that can not surprise anyone.

In addition, Eli Roth produced this film and you know that not everyone will survive in a film by Eli Roth. And that’s precisely why Haunt is such a fascinating watch. All bets are canceled and no one’s security is guaranteed. Well, for almost no one. It would be a shame to kill all the actors of this horror movie.

In addition to having a clever and scary real story, Haunt really stands out with its incredible characters and the most brilliant cast. First, there are no stupid characters and no one decides to fend for himself by cheating on his friends. Instead, people do what they should when they want to survive; They hold together!

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