Charged begins with a man climbing a mountain, which is only the epiphany of the story of Eduardo García. A story that is at the bottom and only goes up. Eduardo Garcia, a total outdoors enthusiast and hunter, completely upset his world when his curiosity electrified him at 2400 watts. Eduardo was deep in the mountains, so his journey is still unknown after being electrocuted and arriving at civilization. Fragments of holes all over his body and the destruction that caused the electrocution leave his body with chills and make you wonder how he survived. In addition to such serious injuries, his arm was amputated soon after. Fortunately, Eduardo was cared for by Jen, a former girlfriend / girlfriend, who immediately stood by her despite her difficult past. Jen was definitely a light that kept Eduardo in the hospital, as he spent every day and night with him for two months. Despite the anxiety of seeing Eduardo’s condition, she took the initiative to film her journey to the hospital and not to think about the fact that they were in the hospital. In addition to the destruction of his muscles, legs, arms, torso, scalp and amputated arm, he is rapidly diagnosed with stage 2 testicular cancer. could not get worse, Eduardo shines through his obstacles and shows that Your disabilities will not stop you. The film is a testament to his past and how he has always been an adventurer in fishing, hiking and hunting. He has always been active, whether he’s surfing or creating his own outdoor cooking program. If he lived on an expedition, he was sure he would continue to be adventurous and adapt with his prosthetic arm. Overcome the struggle and challenges of a prosthetic arm and find new ways to live the life you once had. Eduardo is not limited to life and is not discouraged by his new disability, because having a fake member is better than not having a life. Instead of feeling bad for himself or leaving what he loves, he finds redemption by taking on the same tasks as before and sharing his story with everyone around him, even participating in a triathlon for the disabled.

The documentary also evokes the absence of Eduardo’s father, then his return to life. He truly accounts for the importance of his family and the fact that his father was more of a friend than a father figure. His family was extremely important, but I think Jen was his rock and the most important. Jen received the tip of the stick in their relationship and, despite her betrayal, she loved him and took him from the beginning to the end of his recovery. It was important to reflect Eduardo’s relationship with Jen and his family because, as he said in the movie, he could not have overcome it without them, and that’s why he’s what it is today. Eduardo continues to persevere in all his outdoor activities and his successful cooking activity that reminds us that anything is possible to overcome. Eduardo’s story has opened my mind to the fact that my problems are so minimal compared to others that I have experienced and to appreciate my life to the fullest. I recommend this movie to everyone and I hope everyone knows they can download even when they feel in the background.


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