Deadly Scholars is a new Netflix movie that has been much better than expected. For a long time, the plot and the characters intrigued me. Unfortunately, the end is a disappointment.

The film is also known as #SquadGoals and was produced by the company that produces many movies for life. They also produced Deadly Switch and Only Mine, recently released on Netflix. Especially the latter was pretty good!

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Officially, Deadly Scholars is a dramatic thriller, which is actually very appropriate. Mainly because the plot advances like a thriller while the end is dramatic. It works well, but it’s very tacky in many ways.

From #SquadGoals to mortal scientists
While the title #SquadGoals may not be the right choice for this movie, Deadly Scholars makes it look like a horror movie. And if you watch this movie waiting for horror, you will be disappointed.

However, that does not mean that you do not have enough things in your favor. I was surprised at how interested he was in the story. Ok, no, it’s not like I saw him again. But if the end had been better, the overall experience would certainly have been more positive.

The title #SquadGoals refers to a blog that also works as a school newspaper, so in that sense it was not a strange choice.

Although the title of Deadly Scholars changed titles, so was The Detained, which was apparently called Deadly Detention for the first time. Apparently, “Deadly” is a buzzword for movie titles released on Netflix in 2019.

Watch Deadly Scholars now on Netflix
The script of Deadly Scholars [aka #SquadGoals] was written by Caron Tschampion. This is the third scenario of Caron Tschampion, who also worked as an assistant writer in 19 episodes of the brilliant Halt and Catch Fire. The story itself works pretty well for me, but the performance of the final revelation was too much … too much!

Deadly Scholars was directed by Danny J. Boyle. Not to be confused with Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle (no other name), who directed the brilliant 28 Days Later zombie film and won his Oscar for Slumdog Millionaire.

Danny J. Boyle has made many thrillers in recent years. The titles reveal only the genres: Cheerleader Nightmare, The Stranger Inside and Killer Assistant. Or really, all these movies sound like horror movies.

But like the Deadly Scholars, they are more thrillers. Which is good as long as you know what to expect.

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