Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency Ep 2 Review:

My Hoon is in the rain like a statue. Joon approaches him and stops there too. Ma Hoon told Do Joon he knew she would leave him. Joon tells him, let’s go, you’ll be cold. Ma Hoon takes off her sleeve and asks Do Joon if he went to his flower house.

Flashback to the Moon Seok meets Gaedong to blame her politely and make her stay with Soo in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency Ep 2  Gaedong then goes to the flower house where he sees Do Joon. He told her to take Ma Hoon with her. She smiles and says he will be happy without her.

Joon asks if she’s going, even if they try to stop him? She asks if he thinks she’s stupid too. But then he says he can not help it, his life is just extra. Her life was saved thanks to her brother and Soo gave her a family and Ma Hoon also protected her. Then all this added to his life. She does not want to finally affect Ma Hoon as a burden.

She smiles and tells her that she has her own pride even though it’s a burden, so can you keep the secret about my arrival here today?

Cut Ma Hoon and Do Joon standing in the rain. Ma Hoon begins to slowly move away.

# 2
Ma Hoon is coming home. Young-soo asks why this sounds like this. But Ma Hoon ignores him and goes to his room. Young-soo thinks he has something to say to Ma Hoon.

Back to Mong-seok giving order to Young-soo to lie about the flower crew. Let’s say everything that Ma Hoon does, who has been ordered by his father. Well?

Yong-soo asks, can you stop me? Please stop me, eunnie. he passes his head through the door of Ma Hoon.

My Hoon is sitting in her room and crying softly thinking about Gaedong. Gaedong talked about not wanting to be a burden.

In the city, Gaedong is taken to the palace. She opens the wearer and feels the rain. She recalls that Ma Hoon asks him what he’s doing and repeats what he said about the rain: “It’s just a shower, it’s just a visit, everything will be fine soon.”

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