Fighting with My Family Review:

Fighting with My Family follows the life of the wrestling family, the Knights, who run their own wrestling association WAW (World Wrestling Association) in Norwich, England. From an early age, Saraya (aka Paige) and her older brother, Zak, were trained to become fighters and nothing else. Finally, after hard work and training in Fighting with My Family, they finally have the opportunity to try the WWE. It’s something that both have dreamed all their lives. However, how would you feel if your sister had the opportunity to live in the United States and stay in England? This is exactly what happened to Zak.
While Paige needs to prove herself on WWE’s development territory, NXT, Zak’s life in England is upset, he fights at the local pub, besides drinking and not being the father of his baby . need It shows how much it meant to be signed by the WWE for the athlete and how the backlash affected him mentally. The film takes the audience on a trip, showing the contrasts of their lives and how a decision can have such an impact.

One of the strengths of the film was casting and its credibility. Florence Pugh was the ideal cast for Paige and delivered a rich and moving performance on the big screen. Meanwhile, Jack Lowden played Zak Knight, Paige’s older brother. His performance was brilliant and I focused on the character throughout the film. He was a man with big dreams, but unfortunately those dreams could not be captured. Lowden was able to effectively convey the emotional side of Zak’s character and make you feel his sensitivity. I wanted that more than anything and they won.

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