Fall in Love Episode 15 Summary:

“Fall in Love” is a comic web drama for young people that will be of great interest.

Fall in Love Episode 15 Preview:

They are SangYeon (“Level Up”, “Two Cops”, “Suspicious Partner”) and Yang HyeJi (“Big Issue”, “Rich Family’s Son”) are the main actors. Lee SeoBin is a Miss Korea 2014, this is her second web drama.

I want to go out but why am I the only one who can not? That’s why, with my 18 years of existence, I intend to confess how to bet. It’s a comic drama for young people, but not the novel of those who have tried so far but who have failed for many reasons.

Fall in Love Episode 15 Casts:

SangYeon as Kang PaRang

He gave up being big, mature and student. However, you can not give up your appointments. He needs to be attached to someone. Making a girlfriend has become a goal for a lifetime.

Yang HyeJi as Lee SiWon

She is a dictator and you can not know her thoughts. She is a brilliant girl with a nice personality who is popular with her friends. The first time he saw PaRang that he could not do anything alone, he thought he must be at his side.

Shin YoonSeop as Lee SiEon

He is the class president who lacks social skills. He is handsome, smart and good at sports. However, it is not popular in women, but only in men.

Download Fall in Love Episode 15 Below:

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