I have not seen this last point, but I suppose that Fall Girls has some resemblance to Rough Night, where a night in the whip becomes a nightmare. Apparently, it was not a good movie and Fall Girls emphasizes the same trend. The desire to create the next The Hangover or Girls Trip is a weak dream on the part of useless production companies who try to roll the dice with poor quality scripts. We all want to have a good time, of course. But one has to wonder if throwing another budget into a similar story is more crazy than commercially viable.

And what’s most disturbing about Fall Girls is that recycled history does not even define it. It’s quite simple and indicative of our easily satisfied generation. A group of friends drink a lot of alcohol, take Class A drugs and sometimes have degenerate sex. It’s hardly J. R. Tolkien, but apparently, we love the trash. There is a small part of my brain that wonders if I should allow all this low-level content to consume my soul, chew it in pieces and leave it on the couch ready for Love Island, because nothing of that i say or do will change this nation looking like a zombie we create

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The premise of Fall Girls shamefully tries to deviate, so it seems like it’s not like other movies. A group of women at work join their boss on a wild weekend and, the next morning, they find her dead on the ground. They must hide death while searching for who murdered their leader. Interestingly, drinking until forgotten seems irrelevant later on. Do not trouble the other’s brain to remember the night before. You can hardly smell a hangover or a hint of regret. It’s just a necessary comedy that is stupidly boring and lets you question what laughter is all about. Is it an emotion? Does the feeling already exist? Help me

I understand that Fall Girls is fun. I like fun But you know what I do not like? Forced fun Forced fun stinks, and when you can see the cast unable to elevate their characters above their body language, you are with them, waiting for the near end of their pain. You can see it on their faces by praying for Fall Girls to become the summer hit comedy that appears on the highway signs. But this is a reckless disaster that barely shatters the land on which it lands.

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