Express Khiladi full Review: You have the feeling that Express Khiladi must have been a beautiful story; It is the execution that is miserable. It is built like a thriller where the public knows the end while the characters do not know it. When the genre is a romantic thriller, the story must be based on romance or emotion, or on a brilliant balance. Express Khiladi fails here too. And romance, punctuated by half-comedy, is another disaster.

A pantry trying to save 700 passengers on board is a distant possibility that required a powerful script. And here lies the greatest weakness of Thodari.

Balli Shivaji, his character loaded with insipid dialogues and insinuations and clichés, goes bankrupt in Dhanush. It is not given a major role or an important part in the story. In fact, it’s only in the last 10 minutes that your screen time is justified.

The first half of  Express Khiladi is struggling to build an idealistic romance. The second half is a chaotic entertainment in a train with the media, the GFN, the RPF and the railroad directors who ruin history.

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The media is ridiculed for being tough and immersed in sensationalism. The police is a study of inefficiency. In fact, we see that the NSG and the police are firing ammunition based on a fragile suspicion of Saroja (Keerthy Suresh).

Let’s move on now to the female protagonist. The character of Saroja begins as an innocent and ends as a clown. In the midst of all this, there is also a useless dye of tamil-telugu bonhomie. Actors are forced to talk about how Rajinikanth contributed to the film industry and how Kollywood has Telugu stars like Swati and Anajali.

Although the train does not derail at the end, the plot definitely does. And that goes very well before the interval.

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