Veerta The Power (Parugu) Review: in Veerta The Power (Parugu), Neelakanta is a revered person in the city where he resides, whose daughters, Subbalakshmi and Meenakshi, are mainly for him in the world. Subbalakshmi loves a native named Errababu with whom he escapes the night of his arranged marriage ceremony. A Neelakanta family member in Veerta The Power (Parugu), Chinnabbai, suspects Errababu’s friends of involvement in the affair and, brutally interrogated, reveals that two other people, Sarma of Ongole and Krishna from Hyderabad, also helped the couple to ‘escape. By erroneous references to the initials in the names, P. Yagnanarayana Sarma was kidnapped at Ongole while the original man was not summoned. In Hyderabad, a drunken Krishna is abducted at night near his home, known as a nomad and escape expert. They are literally imprisoned in the village temple and everyone plans to escape the next morning by taking a train. As everyone approaches the train the next morning, Krishna stops when he sees Meenakshi in a statue of Anjaneya and falls in love with her, although Meenakshi is not aware of his presence. All are again kidnapped by Neelakanta’s men and imprisoned in a small penthouse near Neelakanta’s main house. Its doors remain closed and there are only 3 windows where a man can see the front door of the main house as well as the neighboring floor and parking. While his friends are horrified, Krishna is not influenced by the fact that he is in love with a native of the village and that by fleeing, they all face big problems from the villagers. Meanwhile, Meenakshi tries to talk to them with the intention of discovering details about Subbalakshmi and neither Krishna nor his friends can see his face because of the house’s construction style in the movie, Veerta The Power (Parugu)

Movie: Veerta The Power (Parugu)
Starcast: – Allu Arjun, Sheela Kaur and Prakash Raj
Directed by: – ​​Bhaskar
Music from: – Mani Sharma


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