Download UNDERDOG Review:

In Download UNDERDOG, A Delhi-based politician wants to implicate Ishwar Prasad (Jairam) in an idol theft case. When CBI officers refuse to harass a great personality like Ishwar Prasad, another officer comes forward to commit the act. To gain evidence against Ishwar Prasad, a CBI officer (Asha Sharath) comes to Hyderabad to interrogate his former private secretary and IAS officer Chanchala (Anushka), who is now accused of killing a social activist, Shakti (Unni Mukundan) I am spending time in jail. 

As this investigation is not official in  Download UNDERDOG, Chanchala is taken to a deserted bungalow in a forest. As the investigation goes on, we get to know how Chanchala became involved in the murder case and it is also learned that Bhavna, a Bhagmathi, is controlling Chanchala in this bungalow. Is the Bhagamathi sentiment real or is Chanchala cheating the corrupt officials?

Download UNDERDOG is Directed by ashok
V. Produced by Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Pramod

 Written by ashok
Starring: Anushka Shetty, Unni Mukundan, Jayaram, Asha Sarath
s. Music by Thaman
Cinematography: Sushil Chaudhary, R. Madhi
The Movie is Edited by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Production Company: UV Creations

You can now  Download the Movie Below:

Download here


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