The latest nollywood movie tells the story of four middle-aged friends who reveal secrets between themselves and their respective marriages and who gather at a weekend resort on the occasion of one of their birthdays. And then, as one of the many characters of Chiwetalu Agu would say, the wind blew and exposed the backs of the birds.

Looking from one scene to another was the best that the film’s producers tried to have all the audience follow, even when the plot of the story was not particularly new. Contact her, this film is neither the first nor the last time we will see a group of women who claim to be friends but turn to bite each other: it’s a concept as old as the cradle of girls and also recent. Like the others Launch of Ebonylife Films. Nor is it the first time we see a group of couples vacationing in one hotel and exposing each other’s secrets. What really raises this figure above average is writing that eliminates the odd and / or boring, and the actors who do decent work to convince. All the protagonists of this film are easy to see and credible in their roles.

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Runtime: 1hr 23 minutes

Release Date: 24 May 2019


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