Melting Me Softly Season 1 Episode 1 Review: TVN’s new weekend drama, Melting Me Softly season 1 episode 1, is a little confusing. Melting Me Softly season 1 episode 1 has an interesting premise, but for the moment, the performance is a little laid back. It remains to be seen whether this new show will meet the same success as the hotel Del Luna or Arthdal ​​Chronicles.

We started in 1999 with a man walking in a very dark corridor. He enters a strange laboratory with cryogenic cameras and tells the responsible teacher that he will help him succeed by participating himself. We then go to a cameraman, Hyun-Ki, who films the experience and explains that two of the candidates are the director Ma Dong Chan, who launched the program, and Mi-Ran.

Then we go back to Mi-Ran to receive a call from a job interview telling him that he did not get the job. At dinner, they call her at the radio station where she says goodbye to her disabled brother. Once there, she was filmed to be one of the future filmmakers, director Ma.

At an awards ceremony, Ma Dong-Chan wins an award for her show “Infinite Experiment Paradise”. In his speech, he tells them that he has a new idea for his next show and introduces his girlfriend, Ha Young, to the audience. When Ha Young discovers that her boyfriend is going to participate in her next experience, she protests, telling her that it is not safe. It shows a video of the scientist doing the experiment with a dolphin.

In Melting Me Softly Season 1 Episode 1, Dong-Chan decides that he also needs a woman in the experience, so they think about Mi-Ran, who is a regular on his variety show. Hyun-Ki has the feeling of talking with Mi-Ran about his participation in the experience and even his initial refusal, when he is offered a lot of money, he has doubts.

Then they take him to the teacher who explains the conditions of the experiment, but also that he is the only one able to revive a frozen person. Mi-Ran is still not convinced, she decided instead to visit a fortuneteller who revealed that she would meet the love of her life in 20 years.

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