After an accident in his mother’s laboratory scientist with the wonderful new fluid NT26D, designed to fight against diseases genetically, Sue, 12, Ruby M. Lichtenberg, now has the unique ability to become invisible. Then, when Sue’s mother is removed before her eyes, she is the work girl. Together with Kaya (Anna Shirin Habedank), a pretty nerdy girl of the same age who could teach some things to James Bond Q, and Tobi, who not only looks good and is crazy about her, but can also do amazing things on her bike Sue and her friends combine their strengths and talents to free their mother, unmask the plot behind her disappearance and bring to light the truth.

Sue, 12, is a lone wolf. Because of a potion invented by his mother, he can suddenly become invisible. But when they take away Mom, Sue will need the help of her new friends, Tobi and App, to save her mother and persecute the criminals.

I really liked this movie! It remains definitely good even when compared to big budget Hollywood superhero movies. Through the plot of the superhero, several topics are explored in a way adapted to the age of the target audience: to feel invisible and excluded, relations between parents and children, the positive and negative aspects of medical development, sacrifice for the sake of another person, and so on. Everyday aspects and science fiction are connected in a pleasant way, with a well-used budget. It was also quite hectic and could probably work even for kids used to action movies.

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