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Russell Mulcahy, the famous director of Highlander, has prepared a joyful adventure entitled In Like Flynn on the beginning of the life of the actor Errol Flynn. The film begins in 1930, when the young Errol (Thomas Cocquerel) is immersed in the jungles of Papa New Guinea and serves as a guide to a group of filmmakers in search of background images. The group soon encounters mutilated bodies and a murderous and angry indigenous tribe, who throws spears at them and throws poisoned darts at them. Flynn and his colleagues manage to escape by fleeing the jungle and swimming through the backcrossing waters to their canoe. The expedition also causes the untimely death of one of Flynn’s close native friends.

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Afflicted by the terrible expedition, Flynn returns home, his native Sydney, Australia, to visit his friend the Canadian boxer Rex (Corey Large). Instead of catching up with the old days, Flynn soon finds himself fleeing gangsters and Chinese pirates after a brawl in a gambling den. In the middle of this, Flynn manages to steal a ship, the Sirocco, and convinces Rex to help him find gold deposits in Papa New Guinea. They join the two men in this adventure, Charlie (Clive Standen), a suicide war veteran of the First World War and shrewd and cunning shooter Dook (William Moseley).

During his trip to Pope New Guinea, the Sirocco embraces the Australian coast. When his boat has engine problems, Flynn decides to stop in Townsville to make repairs. In town, the men clash with the corrupt mayor Christian Travers (David Wenham). After Flynn stuns a local boxer during a fight in a pub, Travers invites him to participate in an underground boxing match. However, Travers wants Flynn to lose in the third round, otherwise his boat will not be repaired. Flynn and his friends must survive Townsville, the rough seas and everyone’s company if they want a gold prospecting opportunity.

Director of In Like Flynn, Mulcahy brings a touch of cheese and dynamism to the film. Like Flynn, he is inspired by some 50s adventure films, such as Byron Haskin’s Treasure Island (1950) and Richard Fleischer’s The Vikings (1958). If you take away some of the CGI’s blood, In Like Flynn would not feel out of place, as Disney Channel shows on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

As protagonist, Errol Flynn, actor Thomas Cocquerel, is not particularly charismatic and does not look like the real actor either, but he is not an irritating or unpleasant protagonist. However, he is struck too many times for my taste. The real main actor is Clive Standen (Vikings Roll), who seems almost unrecognizable as a sailor Charlie, overweight, emaciated and depressed.

Visually, cinematographer of In Like Flynn, Peter Holland gives the proceedings a crisp, clear look and makes the most of the vibrant Gold Coast, Australia.

Neither spectacular nor disappointing, In Like Flynn is a decent option for those looking for a story of windy adventures and “real life”.

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