Download Genius (2019) is a New Telugu Hindi Folded Full Movie | Havish, Brahmanandam, Sanusha

Download Genius (2019) was released on June 14 2019

Download Genius (2019) preview:

The story of Download Genius (2019) of Genius revolves around politics, cricket and cinema, three very influential activities of our present society. Nivas is the son of a priest. Since a young age, he is inspired by MP Nanaji and wants to become a leader. He also has two friends, Yaasir and Jeeva. Yaasir is a fan of the cricketer Nizamuddin, while Jeeva is a fan of the movie star Peda Babu. All three realize that their idols are nothing more than selfish people who can do anything for their own personal interests. While Nanaji and Peda Babu betray the trust their fans place in them, Nizamuddin betrays the country for his selfish gains. Nivas, Yaasir and Jeeva decide to take revenge for treason and become violent. Interior Minister JP has brought Special Agent Sarath Chandra to thwart his attempts. The next part of the story is whether Nivas, Yaasir and Jeeva reach their goal.

Movie: Engineering (2019)
Starcast: – Havish, Brahmanandam, Sanusha, Pradeep Rawat, Ashish Vidyarthi, R. Sarathkumar, Master Bharath, Venu Madhav
Download Genius (2019) was Directed by: – ​​Ohmkar
Music from: – Joshua Sridhar

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