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Neelakantham Naidu (Prakash Raj) is a great faction that has a faithful confidant, Narasimha (Suman), who is willing to give his life for the good of his master. After many years, Neelakantham’s wife, Tulasi (Pragathi), gives birth to a baby girl, but to Neelakantham. The priests advise Neelakantham to name his daughter Gangotri. They also warn Neelakantham that the child has “jalagandam”. They therefore ask him to take Gangotri to the holy place of Gangotri (which gave him his name) in the Himalayas and to perform an “abhyangana snanam” (bath with turmeric, milk, etc.).  for the next 15 years. After 15 years, Gangotri would be safe. When no one could entertain the child Gangotri, Simhadri, Narasimha’s son, amused him with a song. Simhadri becomes a servant and a friend of Gangotri.

In Download Gangotri, They grow together. Simhadri (Allu Arjun) and Gangotri (Aditi Agarwal) become good friends. Meanwhile, Simhadri’s mother (Seetha) sacrifices her life to save Neelakantham. When Gangotri reaches puberty, his paternal aunt (Telangana Shakuntala) forbids Simhadri from meeting at Gangotri, it would be a mistake. When Simhadri comes to Gangotri’s house illegally to meet her, they are captured by Neelakantham. Neelakantham’s sister speaks badly of their relationship. Neelakantham beats Simhadri.

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Meanwhile, Narasimha arrives and intervenes. This causes a break between Neelakantham and Narasimha. Neelakantam is misinformed of Narasimha’s intentions; therefore, he planted bombs in Narasimha’s house. Simhadri is absent at this time. When Simhadri learns that Neelakantam is responsible for the bombing, he goes to his house and tells him that he will marry Gangotri in a year. Then Simhadri goes to the holy place Gangotri and waits for his love for the last sacred bath. They try to flee, but Neelakantham seals his sword to Simhadri and Gangotri commits suicide, which allows him to realize their love. Simhadri becomes aware, with her favorite melody of the flute, and regains their love, and they embrace each other.

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