Cheetah the power of One Review: You can not even miss a single dialogue and a scene from Cheetah the power of One, what a story, what a performance of all the actors, world class dark. As a full-fledged animator, you can not miss this film if you are a Telugu lover and this film is one of the best of Mahesh Babu and the director Trivikram.

Cheetah the power of One isbl a Telugu movies with a Hollywood-style take that elevates the film to a new level. Background music makes the film an exciting, action-oriented movie. All the songs have a good rhythm and a certain melody, even in all the songs. Mahesh appeared as in black neo-style movies. Climax was shot with high technical values. And the background, inside a church, adds a taste of wealth that appears in some bonus movies.

With the exception of two scenes, all the rest of  Cheetah the power of One is original and of superior quality. This scene in which the hero escapes from the top of a skyscraper to a moving train avoiding police chasing him is collected in the film US Marshals. The second is the decisive fight from the film Faceoff. These are the only two complaints I have with this movie. Otherwise, I will frequently and frequently announce that Cheetah the power of One is produced by the Telugu film industry. I feel that I missed the opportunity to proclaim about this film. First of all, the first thing I like is every part of this movie. Each character is complete. Every word is a pearl. The dialogues of the film make you laugh, cry, think, feel and make the journey you dream of. I tell you that Trivikram is a rebel. You can not stop enjoying this man and his work.

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