[Arthdal Chronicles] Episode 17 Preview: in [Arthdal Chronicles] Episode 17, Tagon looks over his throne room to see the destruction in front of him. Several people are watching him. One of the men (Hameel) thinks: King … has the eyes of a king.

Hameel then speaks to Taealha in a low voice in [Arthdal Chronicles] Episode 17. He says the fight has changed. She tells him, of course he has changed! He tried not to be like that. Asaron and you ruined everything. I pity. She gives him a dazzling look and leaves.

Taealha goes to Tanya’s room and gives her what to read in the superior court. But Tanya does not know what to read, so Taealha reads it to her. It is something that says that many people will be executed and their loved ones will cut their ankles in the movie: [Arthdal Chronicles] Episode 17.

Tanya says he can not do that. There are many innocents. Taealha says she will die at that time. Tanya agrees with that. But Taealha says that all his people will die too. Many people now have recourse. But you give him holiness. You can finish with all your people, if not more than 1000 people will die. Think of it as the rescue of 1000 people.

Back in the throne room, the treacherous tribe man drops his mallet and seems stunned. Saya turns to Tagon and bows. He says he knows he did not want to do things this way. He will serve him. Trapped in the tower, he was waiting for a father like him.

Tagon leaves and Saya takes a deep breath. As he leaves, we hear Taealha tell Tanya that we must be afraid to lead this large group of people. This fear consists of standing on the blood.

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