Album: Kanye West – Jesus is king

The anticipation for Kanye West’s album was dramatic, both in reprogramming the release and in the list of songs. Today, it was already planned to be the launch date of the project, but there was a significant delay, but it finally arrived.

After several feints and missed release dates, West’s latest feature, Jesus Is King, has finally arrived. The official release of the album followed listening events in cities such as Detroit, New York and Los Angeles. West worked at Jesus Is King until the last possible moment: he was due to leave at midnight on Thursday, but the rapper tweeted that he was still “arranging mixes” on three different songs.

Jesus Is King marks West’s first album since last year, Ye. Although Ye made his senior debut, it was the least successful commercial launch of West’s high-flying race, and he planned to follow quickly with a project called Yandhi. The original release date, September 29, 2018, came and went without a new project, as did the subsequent release date of November 23, announced by West’s wife, Kim Kardashian.

In January 2019, West suddenly changed direction: he began to play with a choir at events he dubbed “Sunday Service”, often reinventing his own catalog with evangelical arrangements. He has worked with great gospel singer Jason White, who has been Minister of Music of the Church of God and Christ in West Angeles, and has won the Stellar Gospel Awards of the Year. And West also wooed the powerful evangelistic couple of singer Erica Campbell and her husband, producer Warryn Campbell, on Sunday worship service at the Warryn Church in Los Angeles.

In August, Kardashian once again contributed to her husband’s implementation efforts, sharing what appeared to be a list of songs from the album, a new title, Jesus Is King, and a release date for the 27th. September. Once again, the album did not materialize as promised. Instead, West planned a few events in Detroit the same day: a Sunday service during the day and a first night of Jesus Is King: an experience of Kanye West at the Fox Theater.

“In fact, we just know,” Fox spokesman Fox told Rolling Stone after West’s premiere. “Usually, [we do not book any events on the day of], but it’s Kanye West, you can get by.”

This Friday in Detroit, West announced to the crowd that he was still recording new verses for Jesus Is King. He has performed at several similar Sunday service events before announcing another release date for Jesus Is King on Twitter. West also took part in a long and long interview with Zane Lowe, who covered everything from his “porn addiction” to his political ambitions and his relationship with Drake. West has also been called the “best artist of human existence”.

In addition to the long-awaited album, West’s new IMAX documentary, also called Jesus Is King, will be screened on Friday. On top of that, West told Lowe that he was going to release another album, Jesus Is Born, at Christmas.

We would love to talk about this album, but as we know how urgent it is to listen, we will let you listen and speak for yourself.

You can download and listen to “Jesus is the King” below and do not forget to share your thoughts as they are very important to us.

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM: Kanye West – Jesus Is King

Kanye West Jesus Is King Album Tracklist

1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Every Hour (Sunday Service Choir)

2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Selah

3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Follow God

4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Closed on Sunday

5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – On God

6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Everything We Need (Ty Dolla $ ign & Ant Clemons)

7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Water (feat.

8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – God Is

9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Hands On (Fred Hammond)

10. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – This Gospel (Feat. Clipse & Kenny G)

11. DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Jesus Is Lord



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