Abominable Review: Some mythical creatures have better agents than others in  Abominable. The bunyip, according to Australian legend, which looks like a cross between a bear and a duck, has not yet inspired a single film. The Yeti, on the other hand, has managed to include three animated films within a year. After Smallfoot and Missing Link, this less stressful vocal effort allows one of the big hairy guys to hike home to the Himalayas, with the help of three children: Yi (Bennet), the cool boy Jin (Tenzing Norgay) ) Trainor) and Doofus Peng (Albert Tsai). A collaboration between DreamWorks and China-based Pearl Studio is a refreshing story centered on Asia (although it features the voices of Eddie Izzard and Sarah Paulson in minor roles), as well as a stirring Energetic household emanating from Shanghai’s neon skyscrapers. on the snowy slopes of Everest.

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Abominable is sort of a movie that makes history. Abominable is Screenwriter and director Jill Culton is the first woman to direct an animated film with a female protagonist. And it encompasses its Chinese environment, including the delicately “nai-nai” (grandmother) of Yi. It’s a shame that the story is so safe. Nothing particularly new is proposed here: these are stronger standard things together, respectful of nature, with coldplay melodies in poignant moments and naughty animal pals (many ferocious snakes steal more or less of show). Still, the big fluffy and fluffy monster in the heart of the film is undeniably adorable, with the wampa’s torso, Chewbacca roar and BB-8 layout, and magical powers (you can grow blueberries humming – you can A bunyip do that?) Who keeps the action sequences inventive and unpredictable.

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