Download 96 is an Indian romantic drama film in Tamil language from 2018 written and directed by C. Premkumar, with Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha.

Download 96 was produced by S. Nanthagopal for Madras Enterprises and features a score and soundtrack composed by Govind Vasantha. Mahendiran Jayaraju and N. Shanmuga Sundaram managed the cinematography and R. Govindaraj edited the film, while the costumes were designed by Subhashree Karthik Vijay.

Ramachandran, aka Ram (Vijay Sethupathi) is a travel photographer. He visits his high school and is overwhelmed with memories. Then a meeting is organized by the WhatsApp group of your school. At the meeting, his friends Murali (Bagavathi Perumal), Subhashini (Devadarshini) and Sathish (Aadukalam Murugadoss) joined him. Murali mentions with hesitation that Jaanu (Ram’s childhood love) comes from Singapore in Download 96

In 1996, Ram and Jaanu were friends and classmates in grade 10. Jaanu is a talented singer. Ram develops a love for Jaanu and she fits. Once their jury exams are over, they spend a moment with each other where Jaanu asks him not to forget it until they meet again after the holidays.

Jaanu (Trisha) arrives at the meeting and looks for Ram. When Subha points to Ram’s location, Jaanu walks toward him. She remembers the first day of grade 11 when she looks forward to Ram’s arrival in the class, but he does not show up. She discovers that Ram left school because his father was in financial difficulty and his family moved to Madras during the night. Jaanu is inconsolable and sighs for Ram until he finishes school in Download 96

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