Conspiracy of Love Episode 22 Preview: Conspiracy of Love Episode 22 is a 2019 web drama composed of 24 episodes. I wrote a summary of episodes 1 to 3. It’s a dramatic thriller / mystery with a twist.

My immediate reaction at the end of this drama was: wow, what did I just see? But not in a good way.

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I really liked the first 9 episodes. When the story is about a protagonist trying to discover the truth / revenge by using all kinds of methods and entering the protagonist, it was nice. It was a balanced, balanced, intelligent and motivated couple with their own goals. I thought they were a very nice couple. The best friend of the male protagonist is also a fun character with a good heart.

But after episode 9, the plot becomes more complex and more complex. There were so many people involved, their motives were obscure (I had never understood Xia Yu Xuan), and some aspect was very far-fetched. Among episodes 13-21, the plot continues to come and go without progress, then in episodes 22-23, the characters finally explain everything. Even the last episode was disappointing; I was expecting some fun scenes to reward me for overcoming 23 episodes of ridicule. If you are looking for a romance, you will be frustrated in Conspiracy of Love Episode 22.

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