Mega Time Squad Review: 

“Mega Time Squad” seems to have been made by Empire Pictures. If so, your version of your humble critic, aged 11, would have made fun of my cousins. We would have sat down twice, just to pass the time, and we would have concluded that it was not very good. In fact, we would have considered it “rather damn”. The fact that he has absolutely no narrative meaning would not have worried us; Continuity and consistency concerned critics and adults. Our mission was simply to leave the house to see something classified R in Mega Time Squad

In Mega Time Squad, Shelton fears that a Chinese gang is concentrating on his territory in Thames, New Zealand, and orders one of his runners, Johnny (Anton Tennet), to steal and intimidate newcomers. Shelton’s crew includes her sister Kelly (Hetty Gaskell-Hahn), whom we met for the first time while she was making a vest filled with explosives. As Chekhov supposed, if an explosive vest is introduced in the first act, it must explode in the next act.

While we wait for this earth-shaking kaboom, Johnny and his partner decide to steal the Chinese gang, betray Shelton and keep the money. It goes wrong as expected and Johnny’s partner betrays him. It looks terrible, but Johnny has an advantage in the sleeve, or rather a magic bracelet on the wrist. During the flight, Johnny hit him, but not before the old Chinese they were flying issued a warning. The bracelet is a sort of teleporter that, if misused, will drop the wearer into the belly of a hungry and vengeful demon. Johnny thinks it will be the perfect gift for Kelly, and why not? What girl can resist a hot bracelet that will kill her by supernatural forces?

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