Trataka Review: ACP Jaidev (Rahul Ainapur) is a tough policeman in Trataka. He is ready for the street and knows exactly when to use his brain and handle his weapon. But he suffers from a complex partial crisis and faints at regular intervals.

Trataka begins with the horrible assassination of Jaidev’s brother. Jaidev, like a wounded lion, looks for the murderer; but at each index, a new mystery thread opens. He has two close friends and a friend, Dr. Pavitra (Hridaya Avanti), who help him solve the mystery of the murder. Ajith (Ajith Jayaraj), Jaidev’s colleague and friend, decided to convince him that he had murdered his brother himself during one of the convulsions.

Irritated by this, Jaidev decides to end his life and jumps from a tall building. Like all heroes, he does not die, but logic! Pavitra then teaches Jaidev Trataka technique, a spiritual practice, while dealing with his attacks and revealing that he did not kill his brother. If so, why did your best friend lied to you? Who is this best friend and what is the link between him and a series of murders in the city? Can Jaidev solve the case and accept the fact that the truth about his friend is at the heart of Trataka?

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